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About Us (Queer Ink)

Established in April 2010, Queer Ink started off as an online retail platform, catering to Indian queer content. We aimed to bridge the market gap that prevented access to queer resources and content.

Although our initial business focused on publishing and distributing literary works, we have since expanded to short films, documentaries, experimental theater, and more.

In 2016, Queer Ink decided to act as a catalyst for the creation of Indian queer content through the medium of crowdsourcing. For the next four years, we aim to provide a platform for diverse queer Indian voices, thoughts, and ideas.

If you’ve got an idea or expertise to offer, or want to know more about how you can join our journey, we’re just an email away!


The idea behind this entrepreneurial journey stemmed from Shobhna S. Kumar’s desire to read Indian queer content when she was on bed rest after having fractured her leg in 2009. The background for this was set by her newly migrated to India and wanting to find our more the sexuality and gender diverse communities of India.

Back to the Eureka moment, she realized that either the books had to be imported, or read on Kindle and other e-readers. This was also followed by the realization that most individuals in the country either did not have access to or did not have knowledge regarding the diversity and abundance of Indian queerness.

Well, not one to take it lying down—not literally, since she WAS on bed rest—Shobhna established Queer Ink with her partner in 2010. She dreamt of introducing queer content that sheds light on Indian lives, issues, celebrations, and more into the mainstream, and there’s been no stopping her!

At the age of 42, Shobhna started her journey as a social entrepreneur and learnt on-the-job the roles and responsibilities of e-retailer, publisher and producer.

Today, Shobhna is embarking on a new journey to develop a platform for collaborative creation and development of resources on the sexuality and diverse communities of India.



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