When it’s love vs fear – Inspiring Moment – SubtitledBhushan | 25th Feb, 2015

Duration: 3:18

Season 3 of Satyamev Jayate in 2014 again proved to be spectacular and eye opening as they dealt with issues like depression, tuberculosis, LGBT issues and 377, harmful notions and effects of masculinity in India, road accidents and importance of sports. The 19 October 2014 episode dealt with problems faced by LGBT people in India due to discrimination by the society and the law that makes homosexuality illegal. A series of guests came on the show. These people from different walks of life belonged to or were associated to the LGBT community and movement in India.

A little background to this section: This is the story of a bright kid from Ajmer- Deepak Kashyap. Due to his feminine ways he was always reprimanded. Flirting with a guy in school gave him a great high. His first kiss with a guy gave him an “out-of-the-body” experience. But scared to embarrass his parents, he frequently thought of committing suicide.

In this section Deepak continues telling Aamir that he told about his inclination towards men to his father on his 20th birthday. To his surprise there was no reaction from his father and his father did not speak about it for 2 years. They did not understand homosexuality so they never liked to speak about it. However due to their immense love for him they did not stop him from living his life the way he wanted. But they were worried and feared that he would end being alone in his life or there would be no one to look after him. But when they saw him doing well in his career their fear reduced. They are now secure that he can take care of himself and be happy. So their love for Deepak conquered their fear that his life will be affected due to his orientation. His mother has developed a good rapport with his partner.

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