SidNeesha | 12th Jan, 2015

Storyteller: Siddhant

Storyteller: Siddhant More
Director: Ashish Sawhny
Cinematography: Shefali Jamwal & Anisha Lanewala
Editor: Puloma Pal
Sound: Tunmay Bose
Concept: Malati Rao
Producer: Shobhna S Kumar, Queer Ink

Sid Final_audio-1

Director: Ashish


Ashish Sawhny studied Film & Drama in the UK and is a director, producer, actor and writer in film. Ashish set up Box Office Productions and produced and directed commercials from 1998 to 2004. He also made corporate films and videos for clients in Australia, Bangladesh, Germany and UK – as well as for TV channels like Sony, BITV, Zee Music and BBC. Ashish has directed TV episodes for BBC Worldwide, Doordarshan and CNBC and made digital films for clients such as ‘101India’. He is also involved with acting – in commercials, on stage, as a VJ, and in cameos too. As a writer, Ashish has written: episodes for TV; for Elle & Mans World; in anthologies such as One Yesterday and Out! Stories from the New Queer India; and writes regularly for onlymyhealth.com and clubm.in

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    sunil April 29, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    Kudos to all who support this and the teams behind this. All the very best. You have my support too. Cheers!

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