Satyamev Jayate S3 |Ep3| Accepting Alternative Sexualities:The Struggle Continues(Part4)-SubtitledBhushan | 25th Feb, 2015

Duration: 7:58

Season 3 of Satyamev Jayate in 2014 again proved to be spectacular and eye opening as they dealt with issues like depression, tuberculosis, LGBT issues and 377, harmful notions and effects of masculinity in India, road accidents and importance of sports. The 19 October 2014 episode dealt with problems faced by LGBT people in India due to discrimination by the society and the law that makes homosexuality illegal. A series of guests came on the show. These people from different walks of life belonged to or were associated to the LGBT community and movement in India.

This section shed light on the mental, physical and sexual abuse that many LGBT people have to face in their personal lives. Lesbian women are raped by their cousins and gay children beaten mercilessly. Article 377 which criminalizes sexual act of two people of same sex is often misused by the police to harass the LGBT people or used to extract money from them. Unacceptance by family, ill treatment in the society, blackmail, violence, sexual harassment, rape and being criminalized by law for something that is natural is all that is happening with this section of the society which should not be tolerated at all.

Next guests were Anjali Gopalan from Naz Foundation and Gautam Bhan from Voices against 377 organizations. Aamir asked her about the petition that she filed and the reasons for the same. Anjali recalled an incident that led to all this. In 1999-2000 she counseled a boy and his parents for a few hours; at the end of which they said that they will accept their son as gay. After a few months the 20 year old boy came back to her and said that he was forcefully subjected to shock treatment on his parents’ insistence to get him treated in a reputed hospital in Delhi. This made Anjali furious and she wrote a petition to National Human Rights Commission. A few months later she got a response from them stating that this petition is invalid as Article 377 is punishable as per law. Anjali then decided that she will fight towards changing the law.

Gautam Bhan explained that the law introduced by the British in 1860 states that sex between two people of same gender is unnatural and illegal. It means that we do not have right on our own body; interpreted Aamir. Surprisingly the British changed their law 50 years ago but we in India are still following the old law. In 2009 Delhi High Court gave a landmark judgment decriminalizing homosexuality. This was however overturned by Supreme Court judgment in December 2013. Now gay and lesbian sex again became punishable. The Supreme Court supported its judgment neglecting the fact that there is so much injustice and harassment done under the pretext of this law. The Supreme Court further said that this was an issue of minuscule minorities hence cannot be considered. Aamir appealed to people to stand against 377 and show their support via “Mumkin Hai” campaign. He also announced the philanthropic partner of this show i.e. “Reliance Foundation” will donate INR 1,00,00,000 to Naz Foundation and Humsafar Trust and will be equally distributed amongst both. He urged the audience and viewers also to donate to these organizations.

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