Satyamev Jayate S3 | Ep 3 | Accepting Alternative Sexualities: With Open Arms (Part 5) – SubtitledBhushan | 25th Feb, 2015

Duration: 6:41

Season 3 of Satyamev Jayate in 2014 again proved to be spectacular and eye opening as they dealt with issues like depression, tuberculosis, LGBT issues and 377, harmful notions and effects of masculinity in India, road accidents and importance of sports. The 19 October 2014 episode dealt with problems faced by LGBT people in India due to discrimination by the society and the law that makes homosexuality illegal. A series of guests came on the show. These people from different walks of life belonged to or were associated to the LGBT community and movement in India.

In this section came on stage a super cool energetic dadi (grandmother) who open heartedly not accepted her grandson Sambhav’s sexuality but also joined the LGBT movement. She said she recently got her son engaged her grandson to his boyfriend and she danced till her legs ached. She received a huge applause from the audience. She said it was everyone’s constitutional right to live and love freely. She summed it up with a beautiful point that whether homosexual or heterosexual, every child is born from a mother and hence she should not discriminate with her children or any children from any other mother.

Aamir Khan wound up the show saying that the LGBT community has been facing discrimination, tortured, are being made fun of and their emotions are hurt. We have been questioning their abilities and even their existence as a human being. It is time that we remove the fear from our hearts and accept these people completely; who are no different from anyone of us in any respect, except their orientation. Jai Hind!

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