Satyamev Jayate S3 | Ep 3 | Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Busting Myths (Part 2) – SubtitledBhushan | 25th Feb, 2015

Duration: 16:17

Season 3 of Satyamev Jayate in 2014 again proved to be spectacular and eye opening as they dealt with issues like depression, tuberculosis, LGBT issues and 377, harmful notions and effects of masculinity in India, road accidents and importance of sports. The 19 October 2014 episode dealt with problems faced by LGBT people in India due to discrimination by the society and the law that makes homosexuality illegal. A series of guests came on the show. These people from different walks of life belonged to or were associated to the LGBT community and movement in India.

In this section Aamir put forth a question to all the parents in the audience that if they ever face such a situation with their children how will they react? The audience gave a mixed reaction. Half of them said they would easily accept; while the rest half said it would difficult and shattering for them. One person said he will talk to his son and ask him if there is a possibility to “opt” out of it.

On this Aamir then called Dr. Anjali Chhabria to get her opinion. She is a psychiatrist. When asked if being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is a disease, she said it is completely natural and by birth. There is no need for it to be treated. The doctors who give shock treatments or who claim that yoga can cure homosexuality are absolutely false. She also reinforced that company of homosexuals doesn’t make your children homosexual. A person from the audience asked what should be the steps taken by a parent if his/her child says that he/she is homosexual? Dr. Chhabria said that they should first listen calmly to them, try to understand and eventually accept them. This is very important for the child as he/she has already gone through a lot before reaching this stage. If they react otherwise the child can go into depression, commit suicide or take drugs.

Next guest on the show was Divya. She was born and brought up in Kolkata. While doing her Masters she made friendship with a guy. She was very comfortable with him and had many things in common. When her family started pressurizing her for marriage she thought marrying this guy would be sensible as she had a great rapport with him. After marriage he moved to Chicago for work and she would go to meet him every summer and spend a few months with him. In this time they shared a lot with each other but rarely got physical. After completing her PhD, she moved to Chicago to settle down with him. Her family now said it was the right time to bear a child. Though she loved her husband she wasn’t comfortable to be physical with him. At the same time she started realizing her inclination towards girls. She wondered if she was lesbian. But she refused to accept it because she loved her husband. She got depressed and felt suicidal. She met a therapist who made her realize that she truly desired a female partner. She and her husband went through counseling. Though difficult and depressing for her husband, he tried to understand her. They mutually agreed to divorce each other. Divya did not want to live a fake life neither did she want to ruin her husband’s life by being with him and not doing justice to their relationship. Her husband helped her to become independent. She came back to India for work. Their divorce was shocking for both sides of the family. However her mother-in-law supported her and stood be her. Later her husband re married. They are still in touch and are good friends. Today she is very happy in her life and living the dream that she once saw. She is happily settled down with her female partner.

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