Q FestSapana Mhatre | 20th Feb, 2015

Q Fest is monthly event organised by Queer Ink, celebrating LGTB lives in Mumbai, through arts, theatre, music, food, films and a market place. 

Q Fest is organised every 2nd Sunday of the month,  in partnership with The Hive.

The Hive Logo

The Hive is an urban centre for the arts and technology, spread over three floors and 4,500 sq.ft.
in Khar (W), Mumbai. It is a one of a kind eco-system focused on supporting and furthering the arts
and technology. It is a co-working space for start-ups, entrepreneurs and the creative community, a workshop and event space with classes cross disciplines for the mind and the body, a performance space to showcase budding and established talent and a cafe to eat, drink, unwind and work out of.

Email us on ‘QFest@Queer-Ink.com’ if you are interested in food, theatre, comedy, music and/or any skills, art, expertise you would like to share.

  • Q-Fest #1

    • 12 OCTOBER 2014 - Q-Fest #1 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai


      • Books by Bombay Underground
      • Delicacies by 8 Food
      • Tarot reading by Nolan Lewis
      • Indie graphic novels by Won-Tolla
      • Clothes and accessories by Love Knits
      • Art by Digital Keeda.
      • More art by Paintcollar
      • Art by KP Cartooning
      • Art by Sasha
      • Queer Ink with Pride merchandise


      As part of Queer Ink’s safe spaces initiatives, we are co-hosting the following:

      • Screenplay Writing & Film Direction Workshop by Faraz
        Capoeira with Reza Baba Massah

      • A seminar on patriarchy and feminism- What they don’t tell us by Devdutt Pattanaik
        Play: 91.27% gayboy and Paradoxia

      • Other events:
        Music on the Big Mic vol 28

      • Screening – CinePlay Evenings: Bombay Talkies

        NSPA artists will be performing at each level of our open terraces at The Hive:
        Pop rock with singer/guitarist Thomas Albert and guitarist Nikhil Nair
        Carnatic violinist Mukund Ramaswamy, western classical violinist Roger Mendonca, and flamenco guitarist Rohit Astekar.
        Singer/guitarist Abhisshek Chapke and djembe player Sunit Borkar.
        Carnatic violinist Mukund Ramaswamy and mridangam player Dakshinamurthy.
        Konkani folk, Indie and Country with Heloise Saldanha and guitarist Clint Braganza
        Singers/guitarists Anusha Ramasubramoney and Rachel Philip.


  • Q-Fest #2

    • 09th NOVEMBER 2014 - Q-Fest #2 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • Community Market
        Various stalls |Books, Food, Art, Tarot, etc.
        Workshops, Performances, etc

      • Behind the Panels Entry Fee: Rs.400.00
        A comic book scripting workshop presented by Helter Skelter Magazine for everyone who wants to learn about the nuts and bolts of the ninth art.

      • Film Appreciation and Discussion: Ma vie en rose (the inspiration for Zoya Akhtar’s Bombay Talkies short film) |Facilitator: Faraz Arif Ansari (Free Entry)

      • Dedh Inch Upar
        Entry Fee: Rs.150.00

      • A play written by Nirmal Verma and enacted by Kamal Karamchandani.
        15 years after the Second World War, in a non-descript town in Eastern Europe, a man in a run-down bar shares his life-changing story of the Second World War which made him rise just an Inch and a Half above the day-to-day shenanigans of the World. An Event that makes him look at his own life from the 'Top-Angle' of a Film Director's lens or the 'Sakshibhaav' of a Sage. Come and Journey through this man's musings on Love, Life, Loss and Longing.

      • Gayboy and Paradoxia
        Entry Fee: Rs.200.00
        Artists Vikrant Dhote and Neha Bhat come together to showcase a queer mix of memory, meaning and meaning-making. The pieces, “91.27% Gayboy and Paradoxia” navigate several spaces- those of childhood, those of memory, those of the 'taboo' and those that explore what it means to be Indian and what it means to be queer, through the medium of physical theatre and poetry.

      • Postbox by Omkar Bhatkar
        Three Stories of three different people from three different social words come together with the binding thread of the 'Postbox'. A wife who was in touch with her husband through letters suddenly goes Missing, A prostitute's life suddenly changes after she starts receiving letters of love and admiration from a mysterious lover and the agony of an isolated old man left to die on his own expresses it in a letter to the God. The Postman and the Postbox brings these emotionally stirring journey of Letters through their skill of Metaphorical Story telling.

      • The Rainbow Mic
        Entry Fee: Rs.150.00

      • The Rainbow Mic is an open mic for poetry, comedy, music and performance art conducted by QueerInk in collaboration with CultureShoq. The theme for the night is “Rainbow life” and each performer will get 4 minutes to take to the stage and perform their work.
        (Only original work will be allowed so please refrain from performing anything written by someone else)


  • Q-Fest #3

    • 14th DECEMBER 2014 - Q-Fest #3 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      QAM and The Hive present Q Fest to kickstart the QAM activities for Mumbai Pride 2015.

      • Films: XXYY and What the T? (Free)
        Kristi Bruce and Howard Devore, both born intersex, talk eloquently about their experience
        of a medical model based upon shame, secrecy, and forced "normalization.

      • "What the T?
        A documentary that explores the challenges, successes and lives of five transgender women;
        a multi-character study and an introduction to the uninitiated.

      • Gay Bombay Workshop: I Love My Body

      • NSPA Performers (Free)

      • Saurabh & Saattiv 'संगीतिका' - A Musical Treat with Saurabh on Vocals with Saattvic on Tabla (Free)

      • The Rainbow Mic
        Featuring Poets: Rochelle D’silva, Ramneek Singh, Savesh Talreja & Unaiza Merchant;
        Musicians: Nikhil D’souza & Christabel Menzes and Comedian Navin Noronha (Entry Fee Rs.200.00)


  • Q-Fest #4

    • 11th JANUARY 2015 - Q-Fest #4 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      QAM 2015 and The Hive present Q Fest

      • Marathi Literature with Bindumadhav Khire
        "Fun with Acrylics Workshop with Trishna Patnaik. "
        In this workshop you will create your very own abstract masterpiece using acrylics as a medium.

        Better known by his pen-name ‘Ugra’ (extreme), he is not only an exemplary writer of his time, but is also a necessary intervention to create a revolution in literature and journalism. His collection of Hindi short stories entitled Chocolate (1927), triggered the first public debate on homosexuality in modern India and created such an uproar that almost every major public figure, from Premchand to Gandhi, joined in the discussion.

        He is undoubtedly one of the best short-story tellers of the 20th century, and one of the most controversial as well. He is often compared with D. H. Lawrence, and like Lawrence he also wrote about the topics considered social taboos in Indo-Pakistani Society- incest, rape, prostitution and homosexuality ; but always stamped with his vivid satire and a unique sense of humor.

      • JASHN-E-QALAM DRAMATIC READINGS honours the inimitable spirit and artistry of these iconoclasts for their courage to displace many idols — sex, religion and love — through stark writing that placed humanity above everything else.
        Duration: 60 Minutes - Ticket: Rs. 100 - Language: Hindustani & English

      • Imagine Me and You (Free Screening)
        Imagine Me & You is a 2006 British-American comedy-romance film written and directed by Ol Parker. It centres on the relationship between Rachel (Piper Perabo) and Luce (Lena Headey), who meet on Rachel's wedding day.

      • Bawi Bride Food Pop Up!
        Per person Rs 1250.00
        Limited seats available and confirmations only on pre-sale.
        Those interested please register here: http://goo.gl/forms/J5RvDE02KA .
        Registrations close on Thursday evening The incredibly talented chef at Bawi Bride,
        Perzen Darukhanawalla Patel is cooking up a Parsi feast for you at The Hive
        on January 11, 2015.
        Her mutli-course menu of Lagan Nu Bhonu includes :
        Rotli and Gajar Mewa nu Achaar
        Sali Marghi
        Topli Na Paneer
        Saas ni Machchi
        Gosht no Pulao Dar
        Lagan nu Custard


  • Q-Fest #5

    • 8th FEBRUARY 2015 - Q-Fest #5 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai


      • QFilm Club: Cloudburst (free)

      • Curse Of The Primes (Entry Fee: Rs.250.00)

      • Jashn-E-Qalam: Queer Classics (Rs100.00)

      • संगीतिका: Caranatic Classical Music Recital (Rs50.00)


      • Marathi Hour: Screening of "Ek Maaya Ashi Hi" (A Love Such As This) (free)

      • Dreamstage Dramatic Readings (Rs.150.00)


      • Hungry Traveller Chef Special: Maach Bhaat - Bengali Food Pop-Up! (Rs.999.00)

      • Gay Bombay Pets and Queers Meet (Free)


      THE CAFE

      • Market Place/Garage Sale

      • NSPA Buskers (Vipin Heer, Yash Barse, Thomas Albert & Nikhil N)


  • Q-Fest #6

    • 8th MARCH 2015 - Q-Fest #6 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      Theme: Queering Women's Day

      • Qissa Screening + Discussion (Free)
        |Panelists: Rasika Dugal, Tisca Chopra, Tillotama Shome

      • Break the Act - Breaking Gender Stereotypes (fee Rs.100.00)

      • SatyamevJayate, Accepting Alternative Sexualities Screening + Discussion (Free)
        | Panelists : Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal (Co-Director & Field Research Head), Gazal Dhaliwal and Divya

      • Jashn-E-Qalam Dramatic Readings from Ismat Chugtai and Amrita Pritam scripts. (Rs.100.00)

      • Dinner: Popaddam at The Hive (Kerala-Mallu cuisine) Rs.1,250 per person.

      • The Rainbow Mic (fee Rs.200.00)

      • Lavni Performance by Nikhil Ghume: Celebrating x Chromosome- either you have single or double (Rs.100.00)


  • Q Fest #7

    • 12th April 2015 - Q-Fest #7 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai


      1:00pm-4:00pm - Q Marathi | Jayjaykar | Movie Screening and Discussion with Director (FREE)

      5:00pm-6:00pm - "Canvas" by Playpen Performing Arts Group (Rs.100)

      7:00pm-8:00pm - Asmanjasbabu Ki Atmakatha (Rs.250)

      8:30pm-10:00pm - Best In Stand Up Featuring Varun Grover, Bhavish and Sundeep Sharma (Rs.350)



       6:30pm-8:30pm - The Rainbow Mic (Rs.300)

      9:00pm-10:00pm - Notes in a Song with Thomas Albert (Rs.200)



       3:00pm-9:00pm - Springtime of poets - Writing Workshop & Open House: Activism & Poetry (FREE)



      5:00pm-6:00pm - Q Conversations on Queer Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Lives in India.  (FREE)


  • Q-Fest #8

    • 10th May 2015 – Q-Fest #8 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • Market
      • Music Tech Sundays
      • QI Book Club ‘Cobalt Blue’ Discussion
      • “Unfreedom” Screening & Discussion
      • Q Conversations with Shobhna Kumar
      • Kashish Pop Up Screening & Discussion
      • Best In Stand Up with Karunesh Talwar, Kunal Kamra & Siddharth Dudeja

  • Q-Fest #10

    • 12th July 2015 – Q-Fest #10 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • 2pm till 5pm | The L Word | Series 1 Ep 1 to 4
        TV series featuring intertwined stories about the lives and loves of a group of lesbian and bisexual women in Los Angeles. The characters date, get into committed relationships, consider having families, hook up, break up, question their sexuality, stay in the closet, come out or sleep around -- sometimes all of the above.

      • 5pm - 6pm Q Conversations with Shobhna S. Kumar | Whose Life Are You Living?

      • 6.30pm The Rainbow Mic
        Queer Ink in association with Culture Shoq bring to you "The Rainbow Mic" - a night of LGBT-friendly performances.
        Poets - Imaan Surve, Ain Contractor
        Comedians - Navin Noronha, Pavitra Shetty
        Musicians - Gangsta Gudiya, M.A.F.A.K.A

      All events are free

      Q-Fest , Sunday 12th July 2015

  • Q-Fest #11

    • 9th Aug 2015 – Q-Fest #11 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai
      All events are free

      • 2.00pm – 3.30pm | Magizhvan Screening and Discussion

      • 3.30pm – 5pm | Yaariyan’s Belly Dance Workshop

      • 3.45pm – 5pm | Q Conversations with Shobhna S. Kumar | Whose Life Are You Living?

      • 5pm – 6pm | Video Launch #377 Maa Ki Teri

      • 6.30pm- 8pm | The Rainbow Mic

  • Q-Fest #12

    • September 13, 2015 - Q-Fest #12 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • 1pm | Dunno Y (International version) + Dunno Y2 trailer and Q&A with Yuvraaj Parashar and Kapil Sharma

      • 3pm | QConversations

      • 5pm | 'Qatha - The Storyteller' : celebrates emerging storytellers; showcasing their queer-identified works on film and/or performance with an interactive discussion with the audience.

        Pradipta Ray - filmmaker of Raat Baki (2012), Eidi (2014) and Guy Next Door (2015

      • 7.30pm – 10pm | Rainbow Mic + Launch of new QFest = First Anniversary Party!

        All events are free

  • Q-Fest #13

    • October 11, 2015  - Q-Fest #13 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • 8.30 am - 6 pm | Workshop | Learn how to make Short Films on your Mobile | Rs. 500/-

      • 2.00 pm - 8 pm Pre-loved Books DVDs & CDs for Sale

      • 2.00 pm - 4 pm 2-4 pm | QConverstations | Meet Navadeep

      • 4.00 pm - 8 pm 7-8 pm | Free Screening | Films from 'Workhop on Filmmaking on your mobile'

      • 7.00 pm - 8 pm 7-8 pm | Free Screening | Films from 'Workhop on Filmmaking on your mobile'

  • Q-Fest #14

    • November 08, 2015  - Q-Fest #14 held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      Program by L Romal M Singh

      • 8.45am - 6pm: Filmmaking on your mobile | Rohan Sabharwal | Rs.500/-

      • 11am to 2pm: QTheatre; an experiment with theatre leading into a performance. First 10 to register at 'QFest@Queer-Ink.com' | Free

      • 2:30pm to 4:30pm: QConversations; Pleasure Talks 2 | Free

      • 4:30pm to 6pm: Queer Pride Shorts; celebrating queer prides across India as Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata pride in the coming 30days | Free

      • 6pm to 6:30pm: Performance from QTheatre workshop | Free

  • Q-Fest #15

    • December 13, 2015 -  Qfest # 15 held at Cuckoo Club, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

      • 4 pm - 5.30 pm | Qconversations | Beyond Boundaries

      • 5.30 pm - 7 pm Pride Just Aroumd the corner Reliving across India 2008-2015 Curated by Romal Singh

      • 7 pm - 8 pm Hive Meet up for emerging script-writers and film makers

  • Q-Fest #16

    • January 10, 2016 -  Qfest # 16 held at held at The Hive, Khar (W) Mumbai

      • 2pm – 4pm Main Yeh Bhi Hoon | 6 monologues plus a silent performance and interactive discussion.

      • 4pm – 6pm QConversations | The Pleasure Talk III facilitated by Romal Singh

      • 6.pm – 8.30pm Screening & Discussion | Magihzvan Magizhvan is the tale of two gay lovers negotiating love and coming out in Chennai.


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