The Intervention

Author - Frank Krishner
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 7870


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The Intervention
Copyright © Frank Krishner, 2012
QIN: 1412051006

When the darling of the society, Aman Kumar announces his engagement to his colleague Suzanne, the mature and liberated version of the gossip girls of the housing colony he lives in are shocked. Hasn’t Aman always been in love with Ashley, his cute and endearing gay roommate? Or have they just imagined it?

Believing that Aman is out of touch with his own desire for Ashley and is being forced into marriage by his stereotypically patriarchal Bihari family, the gossip girls plan to stage an intervention, forcing Aman into acknowledging that Ashley, not Suzanne is the love of his life. Full of enthusiasm, the gossip girls trick Ashley into throwing the engaged couple a party where they plan to confront Aman. One-bitten, twice-shy Ashley is scared of any emotional ties to another guy having discovered that his first love regularly cheated on him. When he agrees to share a flat with his one-time best friend Aman, it is with the full knowledge that Aman is heterosexual and so he is ‘safe’. What Ashley doesn’t count on is that he has been falling in love with Aman all this time.

Aware of his desires without him voicing them, it is the gossip girls who take up the cudgels on Ashley behalf and play the role of fairy godmothers. Unfortunately for them, stereotypes are turned on their head as Aman’s family turns out to be liberal and modern and that Aman himself is in love with Suzanne. Turns out that Aman’s gestures to Ashley to show him that he accepted him as a gay man were misread by the gossip girls as his love for him. Or were they?
Frank Krishner’s story ‘The Intervention’ is a sparkling and vividly topsy-turvy story with entertaining twists right to the end.

About the Author:
Frank Krishner dabbles in poetry, creative writing, drama, and teaching. A documentation specialist and media training consultant, he teaches Media Studies at Patna Women’s College, supports NGOs in video production, and teaches annual radio and video workshops. He has been the Executive Editor of Sikkim Express, Assistant Editor of The Shillong Times, Gangtok Correspondent for The Telegraph, and Shillong Correspondent for The Times of India News Service. His short stories have appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India, Femina, and both editions of the Penguin anthology Yaarana: Gay Writing from India (New Delhi: 1999 and 2010).

He is Managing Trustee of the AASRA Charitable Trust, through which he provides training to teachers, parents, unorganised youth, and NGO workers on child rights, child abuse, HIV prevention education, gender, and sexuality. Frank is currently putting the finishing touches on his own collection of poems and short stories.

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