The Edge of Her World

Author - Anisha Sridhar
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 4042


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The Edge of Her World
Copyright © Anisha Sridhar, 2012
QIN: 1412051001

Two young girls discover the complexities of innocence as they inadvertently discover love for each other. They weave a plan to leave their hometown as they meander through the backwaters of Kerala, graduate from school and start working. Kaavya and Rosa dream of a live where they can be free to love each other.

About the Author:
Anisha Sridhar will always be a Bangalorean, although she’s lived in Chennai, Mumbai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Canada, and now the United States. She graduated from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and, after writing soap operas for Indonesian television in Jakarta, went to film school in Vancouver. She writes book reviews, comic books, short stories, and screenplays, and sometimes even gets paid for doing so. Her short stories have appeared in the Reading Hour and the online journal Everyday Fiction. Her comics have appeared in Mumbai Mid-Day newspaper and are forthcoming in an anthology from Pop Culture Publishing. In 2010, Anisha wrote a feature-length romantic comedy, Aapka Kya Hoga?!, a short version of which was filmed and was screened at KalaKranti, the festival of queer South Asian short films held by Trikone Chicago. She is currently at work on a graphic novel called The Kuru Chronicles. She blogs about comics, culture, and cinema at The Chilli Pepper Review.

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