Nimbooda, Nimbooda, Nimboodaaa

Author - Ashish Sawhny
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 2545


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Nimbooda, Nimbooda, Nimboodaaa
Copyright © Ashish Sawhny, 2012
QIN: 1412051003

Based on a real life incident this story follows the life of Aslam, a cross-dressing kothi from the Bombay central area – who was a genuine drama queen and performer. She loved to dress up in various ‘bollywood-looks’ as she called them- emulating the costumes and make up from popular films.

The incident happened at the Wall- that was Bombay’s unofficial gay cruising spot opposite the Taj Hotel in Colaba. If all the hysteria and drama were not enough, the fact that a hospital would refuse to help a suicidal cross-dresser was a shocker. The myths around HIV were rampant and at their utmost ridiculous as the authorities said they could not admit a ‘Hijra’.

About the Author:
Ashish Sawhny grew up in Bombay in a world of cinema, with two generations of filmmakers preceding him. He has directed and produced scores of commercials, corporate films, and documentaries — including the gay themed Happy Hookers — that have won awards and been screened internationally at festivals. He continues to film, act, and work as a creative director/consultant internationally. His passions are diverse, ranging from fashion to yoga to reading to watching bad reality television. Ashish has contributed to magazines and anthologies, as well as written for television and film. Writing is a personal pleasure inherited from his maternal grandmother, Ismat Chugtai, the Urdu writer who was unsuccessfully tried on obscenity charges in the 1940s for writing “Lihaaf,” a short story dealing with lesbians.

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