Bombay Dost 2016

Publisher - HST
Publish Year - 2016
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The new Bombay Dost magazine comes with the tag-line ‘bolder than ever’ — the ‘boldness’ has to do with the forthrightness with which LGBT cultural expression is showcased. Bombay Dost is a standard bearer for the growing confidence and artistic alacrity displayed by India’s LGBT people.

Bombay Dost, India’s first registered LGBT magazine, was launched in 1990. The magazine eschews any notion of ‘them and us’, and mirrors the inclusiveness that we would expect in a more egalitarian society. Bombay Dost targets a much larger demographic than just the urban homosexual man. For a lot of people, gay identity consists of maybe a few behavioral traits, superficial characteristics or even psychological symptoms. For many it is merely a ‘sex thing’.

Bombay Dost seeks to break out of these limiting notions, it is not just about sexuality, or gender constructs, but about the people- men, women and transgenders- we adore, the lives we live, the cultural experiences that shape us- everything around us.


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