Blank Mirror

Author - Ashley Tellis
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 2144


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Blank Mirror
Copyright © Ashley Tellis, 2012
QIN: 1412051004

A glimpse of “friend, special friend” in the present day leads to a trip down memory of the first kiss and bittersweet loving.

About the Author:
Ashley Tellis is Assistant Professor in English at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. He has been a same-sex rights activist for some decades and combines this with anti-communal, Dalit, women’s, labour, and Northeastern rights activism and research. He also writes poetry and is working on his first novel. Of himself, he has written: “My father was a Dalit from Amravati in Maharashtra, a bonded slave on the streets of Bombay who was adopted by my maternal grandparents, Roman Catholic once-upon-a-time Brahmins. My mother was a schizophrenic who was not supposed to marry at all, and was technically his sister, but went onto marry him. I am a gay activist. All my life, these three markers — my ‘untouchable’ father, my ‘mad’ mother, and my ‘sick’ gayness — have haunted me, hindered me, marked me.”

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Ashley Tellis


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