An Evening Rainbow

Author - Kuhu Sharma Chanana
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 60671


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An anthology of this sort is only possible through the support of many people. I owe a singular debt of gratitude to my father Prof. K. K. Sharma for always guiding and encouraging me at every academic juncture in my life. I would like to thank Kanji Patel and Naushil Mehta for guiding me through Gujarati material. I am also grateful to DC Books (Kottayam) for giving me rights to publish the short story, A Lesbian Cow and excerpts from Shabdangal for one edition. I must also record my grateful thanks to the editor of Indian Literature who has given me permission to publish from Indian Literature’s special volume on same-sex fiction, edited by me. I am extremely obliged to the publisher, Prakashan Sansthan (New Delhi), for giving me rights to publish from Viswa Sahitya: Chuninda Rachnayen edited by Devendra Choubey and translated by Akhlaq Ahmad Aahan.

About the Author
Kuhu Sharma Chanana has written three books, D.H. Lawrence and the Poetic Novel, An Evening Rainbow: Queer Writings in Bhasha Literatures and LGBTQ Identities in Select Modern Indian Literatures besides number of articles on various facets of feminism and alternative sexuality in Indian literature, Critical Endeavour, Points of View and JSL.

Kuhu has recently edited a special number on same-sex love fiction for Indian Literature. She is also a recipient of Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship from the British Council at the University of Edinburgh (England).

Kuhu is currently working as an Associate Professor of English Literature at S. S. N. College (Univ. of Delhi).

An Evening Rainbow
Copyright © Kuhu Sharma Chanana, 2015
MOBI ISBN: 978-81-922793-6-7
ePUB ISBN: 978-81-922793-5-0

Book cover image copyright © Balbir Krishan | Title: This is Not Dark Life, Medium – Acrylic on canvas 2010

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