A Married Man

Author - Dibyajyoti Sarma
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 8448


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A Married Man
Copyright © Dibyajyoti Sarma, 2012
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Happily married with a dotting husband and a six-year-old daughter, Sia, Aditi Mehta’s world comes crashing down when one day Mayank Mehta arrives home soaked to the bones. He catches pneumonia. Tests are conducted, and the family doctor announces that Mayank is HIV positive and his condition is deteriorating. As Aditi struggles to reconcile with her husband’s betrayal, she meets Probhat, her husband’s lover. Probhat tells her how Mayank loved Aditi and Sia and also loved Probhat, how he wanted to have the best of both worlds. Only, it was a doomed desire. The story, ‘A Married Man’, narrates the pitfalls of loving someone against their better judgments, and how the wife and the male lover are united by their shared love for the dying man

About the Author:
Dibyajyoti Sarma is the author of a volume of poems, Glimpses of a Personal History (Writer’s Workshop, Kolkata, 2004), and co-editor of Whistling in the Dark: Twenty-one Queer Interviews (Sage, 2009). His second volume of poetry, Pages from An Unfinished Autobiography, is in the anvil. By day, he is a PhD scholar who has published papers on queer theory and Indian writing in English; by evening, he is the senior copy editor with a national daily based in Pune; by night, he is a creative writer who has published short stories and poems in various journals. Originally from Guwahati, Sarma dreams in Assamese and writes in English. He has made Pune his home for the last fourteen years. At 35, he thinks there’s still time to grow up and be a responsible “man,” though he’d rather not. A film fanatic and a sucker for happy endings, he is single by choice after one disastrous relationship a long time ago.

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