A Lipstick and a Pink Silk Stole

Author - Gazal Dhaliwal
Publisher - Queer Ink
Word Count - 4777


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A Lipstick and a Pink Silk Stole
Copyright © Gazal Dhaliwal, 2012
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A conversation between a middle-aged Sikh couple, in a hospital visitors room, as they anxiously pray for their son’s successful surgery.

Accompany the parents on their journey, for the duration of a surgery, as they reminisce of a child they brought into this world, who now lies on an operating table undergoing a sex re-assignment surgery. Parents who struggle to understand their son, now daughter as they mourn they son. Discover their perceptions of life in India, as it should be and the reality they are faced with, as they realize their responsibilities as parents.

This story is written in two voices: the mother’s and the father’s

About the Author:
Gazal Dhaliwal writes films. She has worked in various capacities in the media for over five years now, but it was two years ago that she realised she felt the happiest being a screenwriter. Her first Hindi film, for which she wrote dialogue, is due for release in 2012. Gazal was born as a male child and struggled with Gender Dysphoria for the first twenty-five years of her life. Thereafter, she chose to undergo a sex reassignment procedure, a decision that changed her life for the better, in every way.

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