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To Support our senior Hijras  and to motivate youth Hijra to take care senior Hijras . To give nutrition and medical support to Hijras living with HIV/AIDS and handicapped Hijras and give shelter in there last stages of their lives.


Now Hijra will not die on the road Kinnar Maa will support nutrition and medical to Hijras and to built ashram For senior citizens, PLHIV and handicapped Hijras. And now we will do safety and support to our community.

About The Kinnar Maa:

  • Kinnar MAA was Stated working in 1995 but it was not register and now Kinnar MAA is Register in 2014 register number 1788.
  •  Kinnar Maa  is working for PLHIV, Sr. Citizen Handicapped.
  •  Giving them nutrition support and making documentation to Hijra like pan card , Aadhaar Card and voting card.
  •  Kinnar Maa giving Psychosocial support to the Hijra and Helping there feminisation also like counselling for their Identity.
  •  Kinnar Maa staff is visiting to community personally and taking care to PLHIV and senior Hijra and making awareness program of HIV/STI community.
  •  Condom distribution in Mahim, Bandra, Vashi toll, Vashi Station, Bhandup, Kharghar, Panvel, Kalyan station, Kalyan Path, Mankurd Kate Highway, Thane station, Thane Nausala,Thane Mapa, Mubar, Dashir Checknaka, Mulund Check Naka and Have Condom Depo also.
  • Health camp, Awareness Stall and Donation Collection Stall In the Mall and in Street
  • Community event and get together in the community
  • Advocacy with our community leaders.
  • Attending the all India community program and rising fund from the program.
  • Media Sensitisation Program.
  • Solving the Problems of Hijra.

Activity’s Kinnar Maa activites:

  • Giving Nutrition support to the PLHIV, SR.Citizen and Handicapped Hijras every 4th of the month.
  • Get to gather with Adiwasi Hijra and Jogathi Hijra in jawar.
  • Given Documentation to Hijra like as Pan Card, Voting card and Adhere Card.
  • Advocacy with Police station of Parksite (Vikroli).
  • Advocacy with Raja wadi hospital.
  • Health Camp conducted  in Kinnar Maa  Office Vikroil
  • Taken a health session with Police and Hijra and Jogathi Community.
  • Supporting to the Colleage student and mass media student for there research.

Pink Transgender Rally organised by Kinnar Maa Trust:

Our social activist and president of Kinnar Maa Trust (Salma Khan) have a big dream to have our Transgender Shelter Home (Ashram )from 2010 we have trying to conduct the rally. so this year 2015 we done our pink transgender rally.

Our Rally Main Aim Is that to prompt the government to construct a Shelter Home for Transgender people who live with HIV/Aids,for elderly Transgender and handicapped Hijra also.This pink transgender rally is held in August Kranti Maiden to Girgaon Chowpatty from 2 pm to 5 pm and more then 1000 people were attend the pink transgender rally before starting our pink transgender rally we done maintain silent for the person who die by HIV/Aids up till 2014 for them we done shardhanjali and we start our pink transgender rallyand our Kinnar Maa Trust Main objective is that to get separate ashram for the hijra community members,equal opportunity in mainstream society and help for disabled,elderly and HIV positive member and this is first time that the hijra community come together in a such big number and before ending our pink transgender rally we thanks to state government,Mumbai Police, Mumbai police Traffic and thanks to every person who Support our pink transgender rally and we sing some slogan and end with National Athem.

Hijra Pink Rally at Augsut Kranti Maidan | Jan 13, 2015





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