Tell Me A Story

LGBTQIA-identified storytellers take us on a journey into their lives. The on-going series Tell Me A Story was conceptualised and implemented by Malati Rao, in collaborative partnerships with the story-tellers and experts in the field of film-making.

Tell Me A Story is an innovative project to visibilise contemporary lives of the Sexuality and Gender diverse communities in India. Everyone involved in this project is seen as a story-teller, providing technical expertise or life experience.

Tell Me A Story invites submissions from story-tellers either in word, short video and/or audio to be part part of this project.

The first part of this series explores four stories of four diverse individuals in Mumbai – Anuja, Urmi, Sid, and Saumitra – who have made choices different from the norm. Tell Me A Story is a video project that creates a space for queer people to share their stories with an aim to populate our mainstream environment with their experiences.

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