In 2016, Queer Ink decided to venture beyond crowdfunding and opt for crowdsourcing. This ensures we are not only reaching out to you for your opinions but also your ideas, expertise, services, and of course funding!
Want to know how you can be a part of this exciting new journey? Read on!

  • The Scholar

    By - Niladri Chatterjee

  • Out! Stories from the New Queer India

    By - Minal Hajratwala

Whether good or bad, your words always live on. With this in mind, we encourage the writing and publishing of Queer Indian resources, fiction, and non-fiction works.
If you don’t have a thesis but only a light-bulb ‘Aha! moment’ that you’d like to contribute, you’ve come to the right place. The entire process, right from creation to its dissemination, we’re all about the crowdsourcing life here!

If you have content that is queer, quirky, non-conforming, engaging, and fun, we would love to feature you in our queer-friendly publications. We accept micro-poetry, poetry, short stories, novels, and any written work that makes our day that much better.

What’s in it for you? Well, you get to not only have your work crowdsourced and published but also retain its copyright, which as any creative person knows,is always a bonus. At Queer Ink, you get to be the boss of your art, always.

Browse through the guidelines mentioned below. Send us your doubts, inquiries, and most of all, your work at submissions@queer-ink.com


    The Copyright Act, 1957, sets out your rights and responsibilities as the owner of an original piece of work. We ensure the copyright always stays with you, which means you have complete say in how your work will be used and distributed. So bid adieu to your publishing nightmares and join hands with us at Queer Ink!

    Guidelines for Submission

    Subject Line

    Title of your work along with your name, so we know whom to shower love upon!

    Attachment 1

    This document would help us understand your work in brief. It should cover the following points and help us feel like we’re sold completely!

    • Working title of the work and the author’s name
    • Genre and word count of the work
    • Summary of the plot in or under 750 words
    • Character description and storyline in or under 500 words
    • Copyright holder’s legal name
    • Whether this has been published or submitted elsewhere
    • If this submission is aimed at re-printing. If so, please provide details along with an NOC from the previous publisher.
    Attachment 2

    This document is your submission that is to be published. Please ensure you go through the submission guidelines, document format, and other details mentioned above. After all of that is done, take a deep breath, and send us that email!

    Submit Your Manuscript Now!

    Preferred Word Count and Format

    Our preferable word count ranges are as follows:

    • Fiction/Narrative non-fiction novels
    • Novellas
    • Novelette
    • Short story
    • Fan Fiction
    • Flash fiction
    • Micro-fiction
    • 50,000–130,000 words
    • 17,500–50,000 words
    • 7,500–17,500 words
    • 2,500–7,500 words
    • 2,000–8,000 words
    • 100–1,000 words
    • Up to 100 words

    Format for Documents

    We love reading new, interesting content. However, our hawk-like eyes do not love submissions that are all over the place. To ensure your work is appreciated and we’re able to process the same, here’s what we would love for you to follow:

    Please send all submissions in MS Word document (.doc or .docxformat)


    English and/or any Indian Regional Language


    Times New Roman, 12 point type, double-spaced with respect to line and paragraph spacing


    One inch margin on all sides, left justified

    New chapter

    Insert Page break

    Scene break

    In case of significant break in time between scenes within a chapter, use *** centered between the scene.

    Pen Names/Pseudo Names

    Queer Ink respects anonymity and we welcome submissions from writers who prefer using a different name for publishing purposes. However, we would require your legal name for copyright and payment purposes. Rest assured, we will keep your name completely confidential, à la zipped lips and locked computers!

In order to ensure that we create and promote quality queer literature, we have developed the following process:
1. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission
2. The QI selection panel will review your work within 60 days if it has not been submitted for publishing anywhere else. During these 60 days, each member of the panel will individually analyze it
3. Reprints will be considered once the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) is shared with us
4. On your submission being accepted, we will call to share the good news. A detailed publishing agreement will be emailed for you to review. Once it is signed, we will move ahead with the publishing process.
5. We will constantly have you on board during the entire process, which includes editing, book designing, production, and more. The entire process may take up six to twelve months


If you are a writer, proofreader, editor, work in the publishing business (we’re taking actual books as well as ebooks), or have opinions about how stories are written, you can also help us to take the Queer Indian literature journey forward!

Please note that we will NOT be publishing:
• Others’ coming out stories
• Inflammatory religious writings
• Stories that depict :
  o emotionless sex or mindlessly titillating content
  o characters who ‘opt for’ a queer lifestyle owing to bad experiences with heteronormative relationships
  o unsafe sex practices unless this is considered to be vital for the development of the character(s) or story
  o pornography, rape, incest, child abuse, bestiality, mindless graphic violence, and pedophilia


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