Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Snapshots of LGBT Lives in Indiaqueerink | 24th Aug, 2015

Accepting Alternate Sexualities

This booklet is a result of the big surprise that India gave us. So many members of the LGBT community have recounted the struggles and triumphs of their personal lives. We are touched by this generosity of spirit. It is an ongoing battle for acceptance of course, as evident from the messages that show ignorance and lack of acceptance.

All names in this booklet have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved with the exception of a few who asked for their names to be retained.

This effort is in collaboration with The Humsafar Trust, which has been working on these issues for several decades. There could be no better day than Independence Day to launch this booklet. We hope these winds of change continue to blow and lead to a fairer, more loving world.
Team Satyamev Jayate

You can download this document, for free, by clicking on the ‘Download PDF’


Excerpt 2_Andre

Excerpt 3_Rachna

Excerpt 1_John



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