It is that time of the year again! This time we call for submissions in four themes:

A Lot Like Love

Is your story about love at first sight or about love that has almost become camaraderie after years? Is it about love between youth or love between veterans? Is it about a passionate, whirlwind love that defied time or about a fleeting love that withered away? We want to hear your stories about this logic-defying feeling that leaves the best of us baffled.

Make it sappy or cynical, but take us on a journey that will leave us with more feelings than when we began.

Pleasure Talks

It’s time we spoke about desire. Re­indulge, re­live, and re­imagine our desi queer fantasies—vanilla or otherwise.

Tales of love. Tales of lust. Tales of want. Tales of satisfaction. We welcome them all. Send us your erotic tales of desire, be they based in reality or fantasy, concocted or experienced. You choose the genre; romance, mystery, sci­fi, comedy, or coming­ of ­age . . . anything, really! Just promise to keep it real spicy.

There is no deadline for this anthology. The ones that really scorch our selection panel and are perfumed by a great narrative will make it to our first anthology on Indian Queer Erotica.

For Women, By Women

This anthology will explore lesbian characters whose lives, despite all the advancements of feminism, remain woefully hidden.

The stories can be about sexual awakening, womanhood, discrimination, romantic relationships, motherhood, or angst. We are looking for interesting and unique perspectives that can throw a light on these rarely talked about issues.

Feel free to set your story in any genre, time, or place, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries and explore taboo issues, but give us memorable, strong protagonists who will carve a place in our hearts.

Something Spooky Comes This Way

Venture into the unknown with this ‘spooky’ theme.

We are looking for scary aliens, mythological monsters, alternate universes, magic demons, undead creatures, and everything in between. Your story can be set in science fiction, horror, or fantasy fiction genre, but it has to leave us with an unnerving creepy-crawly feeling.

Keep the heebie-jeebies coming . . .

Deadline: 31 May 2016


  • Unpublished stories, based in India, with Indian characters
  • Electronic submissions only, to ‘’ with the following details —
    a) Subject: Your chosen theme;
    b) Body: Title, your legal and pen name, 100 word bio and mailing address;
    c) Attachment: Your story as a doc and .docx between 2,500 and 7,500 words, double-spaced, in 12 pt Times New Roman font.

 We will not publish:

  • Someone else’s coming out experience or ‘Meet, greet, do you have a room, let us have sex’ stories;
  • Stories where the characters ‘opt for’ a queer lifestyle because of a failed heteronormative relationship;
  • Inflammatory religious writings;
  • We explicitly do not accept works depicting pornography, rape, incest, child abuse, bestiality, graphic violence for the sake of it, and paedophilia (adult sex with minors which is NOT the same as homosexuality).

Selected contributors will receive a share in 50% of net royalties with other contributors of their publication.