27th July, 2016

The Maya for Women Trust

The Maya for Women Trust aims to expand women’s choices by building visibility and opportunity of women, especially in public spaces, where women have been traditionally excluded and/or discriminated against. Our mission is planted securely in the feminist ideal that all women are people in their own right, and deserve to live their lives with […]

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13th April, 2016

Tutak | 2016: Play Review

Gay/bisexual men being forced to marry a woman has been the plot of many queer-themed performances in Indian languages (plays Dushyantpriya (Marathi) and Tu Khwaab Saja (Hindi) are some examples). Tutak presents a nuanced portrayal of three stakeholders in such a marriage—the married man, the gay lover, and the wife. Writers’ Bloc 4 Rage Productions […]

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24th August, 2015

Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Snapshots of LGBT Lives in India

A compilation of messages received after the episode ‘Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Snapshots of LGBT Lives in India’ was aired on October 19, 2014.

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