21st January, 2016

Mumbai Police – Malayalam Film

MUMBAI POLICE Title: Mumbai Police Year of release: 3 May 2013 Duration: 145 minutes Genre: Crime thriller Language: Malayalam Synopsys: Mumbai Police (2013) is a crime thriller. The nonlinear narration of the movie reveals, towards the end, the murderer of ACP Aryan IPS who was shot dead in a public meeting. It comes out in the […]

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25th May, 2016

2016 Call for short film scripts

 Are you a story teller? Queer Ink Productions is looking for stories to turn into short films of approximately 8 minutes. These stories should depict aspects of sexualities and gender diversities of India which will represent queer India. We invite you to explore the different genres of drama, romance, musical, horror and science fiction. Whether […]

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24th August, 2015

Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Snapshots of LGBT Lives in India

On Independence Day, Satyamev Jayate team launched ‘Accepting Alternative Sexualities: Snapshots of LGBT Lives in India’, a booklet of 90-odd viewers’ personal stories on coming out, societal acceptance and more. These messages came in after our episode on LGBT rights that was aired on October 19, 2014.   You can download this document, for free, […]

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